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From preparing financial statements to budgeting, benchmarking, reporting and valuation.
Business Advisory Services

We work closely with clients to analyze their unique challenges, identify growth opportunities, and develop actionable strategies to enhance profitability and competitiveness. Whether it’s streamlining processes, expanding into new markets, or improving financial performance, our tailored solutions empower businesses to achieve sustainable success.

Preparation of Financial Statements

The financial statements prepared for most businesses comprise a balance sheet and an income statement. Also called a statement of financial position, a balance sheet is a financial snapshot of your business at a given date in time. The environment for Australian businesses is challenging and ever changing. We know that your business success relies not only on constantly adapting to the shifting environment, but also on having a robust business model and clear strategies. With this core in mind, we prepare financial statements that are lucid yet robust.

Management Reporting

A key issue for boards and management is to ensure that appropriate information is conveyed in an effective and transparent manner to their stakeholders. To ensure that Boards and management satisfy the provisions of the Corporations Act and in particular the business judgment rule, we can review, develop and analyse reports. We assist clubs in the development of appropriate reporting tools, content and presentation to ensure that both directors and officers are able to discharge their obligations to the corporation throughout the year, and in the presentation of the annual financial report. Simply put, management reporting is information given to the managers of a business that helps them quickly see how the business is performing. A well put together set of management reports will only report on the metrics that really matter in a business (i.e. the things that ‘move the needle’) and will help management make better informed decisions.


A well crafted budget can be a very useful tool to monitor the performance of the business on regular intervals. It enables you to set a path for the business to follow over the coming years and gives you a framework in which to operate the business and achieve your goals. It helps you understand where your money goes so you can take control. A budget helps you decide what you want and plan how to achieve it.

Cash Flow

The lifeblood of any business, it’s important to know what cash flow is doing in your business. Unless you’re in dire straits there is no need to micromanage cash. But you should be able to report on what the future cash balance for the business over the coming year is, as well as know what kind of state your trade receivables are in. Using a variety of invoice finance, debtor finance and payroll funding options, we tailor a boost to your cashflow by giving you access to the money tied up in your invoices.

Business Funding

Access to quick business funding in Australia can sometimes be challenging, especially if you are seeking funding for a relatively new business. We help businesses from a range of industries maintain strong and stable growth by offering the right funding options for all kinds of business uses.

Business Structuring Restructuring

Establishing and reviewing your business structure is crucial for maximising operational and tax efficiencies, minimising risks and achieving your business goals. Sometimes the best structure from a tax perspective just doesn’t make sense commercially. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and often the right structure involves compromise. But understanding what compromises to accept requires an understanding of the impact of each. We show you what makes the difference and why.

Purchase and Sale of Business

The process of buying or selling a business can be challenging if you do not have appropriate exposure in business before. It is very important to carefully analyse the procedure of buying or selling a business. We know how important it is for you to make a business acquisition that matches your skills and personal goals. Our clients have greatly benefited from our knowledge of contracts, mergers, acquisitions, negotiations, deal structuring and use our expertise to seal their ideal business acquisition. We also expertly value businesses and help clients buy businesses at the fairest price and terms.

Industry Benchmarking

Ever wondered how your business compares to that of your competitors? Our Benchmarking services are designed to give business owners a clear understanding of what is driving success in your industry, and how well your business is performing. We analyse thousands of Australian businesses across a wide range of industries to give business owners accurate, relevant and timely information that can help you make strategic and operational decisions.

Business Valuations

When buying or selling a business, there is no question that you will require a valuation. As a buyer, you will seek to verify that the market price is reasonable given the performance of the business. A valuation may also provide key information as to the risks, strengths, and weaknesses of the business which will provide valuable information when considering the purchase. As a seller, you should seek an independent valuation to find the fair market value of your business and price it correctly. High Numbers team can help you properly assess the business fair value and gain a strong position negotiating a buy, a sell or a merger.
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